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Inkjet Labeling
Our fleet of high quality, high speed inkjets can address your mailpieces at speeds of up to 20,000/hr at a resolution of 240x240 dpi. With our industrial heat lamps, we can combat offsetting and smudging on a wide variety of glossy stocks. We can print a variety of logos, fixed messages, conditional text, permit imprints, postal barcodes, UPC barcodes, product barcodes, and or course, address data. In order to make match mailings more appealing, we match the font on the outgoing envelope to your personalized inserts. Our highly trained operators make certain that quality is not sacrificed for quantity. This technology and expertise means laser quality inkjetting at a high speed and a low cost.

Cheshire Labeling/Pressure Sensitive (PS) Labeling
Some of the most effective, productive lists can only be purchased on paper or PS labels. PS labels can be affixed in order to make responding to your campaign quicker and easier for the recipient. This is especially useful when you want your customers to use the sticky labels on the reply device. Any source codes that are printed on the label can be automatically returned for easier tracking. With our continuous laser printer, postage can still be saved because barcodes and USPS clearance specifications are not a problem when using paper labels. Font quality on our continuous labels is superior to any impact or dot matrix printers.


Our various inserters can assemble your inserts into outgoing envelopes of all sizes. For unusual sizes irregular parcels, machineable parcels, or bulk bound printed matter, our fulfillment and assembly team can accommodate all your needs. We maintain a productive schedule by training and educating our machine operators and mechanics on all aspects of the machinery we use. Various tricks of the trade are crucial in order to get your mail into the hands of your customers and prospects on time. In line stamping or metering is done as a final stage of the inserting process. Our experienced mail sorters will make sure your pieces are packaged to meet all postal specifications. Customer service representatives will help to assure that your packages have all the proper clearance in order to save postage, time and to avoid hand assembly and additional cost..

Wafer Sealing

A process where wafer seals are affixed to the edges of your mailpiece. This is often the first process to take place in order to prepare your self mailers for automated discounts. We can affix all types of wafer seals in different places on your mailpiece. The number of wafer seals per piece depends on how your mailpiece conforms to postal standards. Wafer sealing is necessary so we can save you postage, or if you want to secure loose inserts. The cost of wafer sealing your mailing will never outweigh the postage you will save. We can affix wafer seals inline as we address, or offline if needed.

Folding/Bursting/Slit Nest

We can fold your inserts or personalized letters to fit your outgoing envelopes. We can burst your pin fed forms to prepare them for folding. We can slit nest fold your personalized forms in order to provide you with an instant match mailing. Whether your fold is copy in or copy out, fan fold or tri fold, slit nest or 6x9 fold we can fold your pieces to meet your needs. Forms of most sizes can be folded without difficulty. If your forms are 2 up, or pin fed we can separate the stock and trim the pin feeds with our burster and interleafer to prepare for folding. Our customer service representatives will answer any questions quickly about odd size pieces, and advise on the best available solution.


Multiple inserts that need to be collated are no problem. This can also be done as part of the inserting process. Our customer service representatives will help guide you through the specifications of these processes.


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